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These directions are for planning purposes only. Occasional glitches in Google Maps may indicate incorrect turns etc. We reccommend that you use a locally produced road map in order to navigate once you arrive in Tasmania.
Bruny Shore provides a truly unique holiday experience. Just over an hour from Hobart including the relaxing 15 minute ferry crossing from Kettering to Bruny Island. Bruny Island Ferry Time Table

Activities: Bruny Island Cruises - Join Bruny Island Cruises Full Day Tour from Hobart or meet us at Adventure Bay, Bruny Island to board one of our custom designed boats for a 50km, three hour cruise along the coastline of Bruny Island. www.brunycruises.com.au

note: There are no ferry reservations. We recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes early in order to queue for the passage. During peak holidays island traffic may be much heavier with the ferry shuttling continuously between Kettering and Roberts Point. At these times the timetable below is not followed.
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Depart Kettering (mainland) Depart Robert's Point (Bruny Is.)
6.35am (not Sundays) 7.00am (not Sundays)
7.45am 8.25am
9.30am 10.00am
11.05am 11.35am
12.05pm 12.35pm
1.45pm 2.15pm
2.45pm 3.15pm
3.45pm 4.30pm
5.00pm 5.30pm
6.30pm 7.00pm
7.30pm (Friday only) 7.50pm (Friday only)
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